SEO Tips For Beginners

Keep Useful and Updated Content

All SEO consultants including me believed that “Content is King”. So you should care about the quality of content not only on the quantity of content. So the first tip is to always write meaningful articles and avoid posting garbage because search engines also hate content which is not useful and meaningless.

Update your site frequently, more updating means more chances to get indexed and get more visitors. So give time to your blog and keep the content updated as possible with the time.

Avoid Duplicate Data

Duplicate data especially text content from other websites is always punished by Google algorithms and your site goes on back pages of search engines and sometimes completely removed your URLs by search engines like Google. So the second tip is Don’t copy content from any site, generate your original and genuine content for your site.

I mention the first two basic but important SEO tips with you. If you follow them you never face any problem and received decent traffic very soon.

Meta Tags / Meta Description and Keywords

After putting good, updated and original content keep your eyes on important and most searched keywords on Google and other search engines. Use keywords search tools like Google Adwords and keep the relevant keywords in Titles/headings and in the meta description of every post and page. (Avoid keyword stuffing, use keywords in the ratio of 2%). The meta description is more important than meta keywords because now in 2013 Google crawlers not read meta keywords but description however other reads like Bing, Ask, etc.

Submit your Site to all Search engines and Webmaster Tools

After publishing some content on your site, create an account in Google Webmaster Tool which is very useful, actually the webmaster tool gives you control to your site in the search engine (Google), I will write about webmaster tool also later. Submit your site in all search engines like Google, Bing/Yahoo, etc. Generate a sitemap using online site-map generator tools and submit them to the webmaster tool.

Link Building / Make Backlinks

When you satisfy with your basic on-page SEO, then move to off-page and make some links to your site. Keep in mind nowadays old SEO trends are shutdown this is 2013 so keep your backlinks genuine as possible. Only post links of your site on the sites which are closely relevant to your niche/topic. Submit your site in high Page Rank quality web directories. Don’t make only do-follow backlinks but also some no-follow links. It’s important to remember that all of the basics in SEO need to be done with a plan in mind.  Without the guidance of someone like an SEO expert in Vancouver, you might be lead astray by a poor linking strategy that could lead to a penalty against your site.  Make links in a frequent way, don’t make too many links in a short time. so this is another legal SEO tip.

Make your Site’s Social Reputation

Nowadays there is a great trend of social network websites like twitter, facebook, google plus, Linkedin, etc. Create a social representation of your website/blog this is very important in SEO point of view. Create a fan page of your site on Google+ and Facebook. Share links of your every post on popular social networks which I mentioned above.

Essential for Ranking, Not an All-in-One Solution

While SEO is an essential component of online success, it is NOT the be-all, end-all solution to all of the problems you may be facing as an online business. Most marketers know just enough about SEO to know that it is important, however many think that if they could somehow get it just right in terms of on-page and off-page search engine optimization, they’d have it made. If you believe that good SEO will solve your problems, send your website to the first page in the search results and let you lay back on the couch eating bon-bons while the cash rolls in, think again.

Incorrectly applying SEO tactics can be just as detrimental (if not more so) than helpful in your efforts to become more visible online. When you know a little, but not enough to effectively implement all of the aspects of SEO, its sometimes best to let a professional take care of this area of marketing. Even then, you cannot expect stellar results simply because you have applied search engine optimization techniques. Too many people believe that once they have all of the pieces in place in terms of SEO, they can go look at their stats and see that hundreds of targeted visitors have flocked to their door. It just doesn’t work that way.

So, what does it take to rise to the top of the competition? A combination of things. To enjoy high Google rankings, the most important factors are (indeed) effective SEO practices and valuable, original content. You’ve no doubt heard the phrase content is king. That has been true since the inception of the internet, and it is still true today. Content is everything, but your content must be original, informative and valuable to the reader. Combine that with effective SEO techniques, and you’ll see that over time, you enjoy far more success.

Great content keeps your visitor on your site longer and visits length is one statistic that search engines (particularly) Google analyze closely today. These stats are now used in ranking websites because Google is now focusing more on user experience, rather than websites that are overly SEOed or optimized. Simply put, Google is favoring sites that are original and offer value to the visitor, not websites that are simply a collection of re-hashed material found on every other website in a particular niche or industry.

Yes, good SEO is still essential for increased ranking, but it certainly isn’t the whole enchilada, so to speak. If all of the important SEO tactics were properly implemented for every website, the ranking would be meaningless, wouldn’t it? Use legitimate, white hat SEO techniques in combination with killer content that is fresh and updated frequently, and you will see your ranking soar. Don’t expect SEO on its own to deliver the results you’re looking for in terms of a first page or #1 ranking; you may be sorely disappointed if you do.

List Building And SEO for Online Marketing

Search engine optimization is the process of increasing a site’s visibility in search engines through organic search results. The higher your site appears in the search results, the higher its chances of getting more visitors. SEO targets different kinds of searches, from image search, local search to video search. SEO has become an indispensable strategy for most online marketing ventures. It is a cost-effective way of marketing products and services online while giving your visitors what they are looking for. When it comes to online marketing strategies, search engine optimization is perhaps one of the most useful.

If you want your site optimized for search engines, keyword research is important. Knowing the right kind of keywords will help increase your chances of appearing on the top page of search results. The content you place on your site should depend on what people often type in search engines. Of course, you also have to ensure that the keywords you use go well with your niche, otherwise, it would be useless. After you have obtained a list of keywords to use, you need to create and set up your content. Whether you want to text, images or videos, your content should reflect what the keywords are all about, as this is what your visitors will be looking at. Aside from employing effective online marketing strategies, it should also be part of your company’s goals to give your visitors what they are looking for. This should include content that is relevant to the needs of your target demographic.

You should also be able to target the top three search engines; Google, Yahoo, and Bing, if you want your online marketing venture to succeed. You should focus on white hat techniques rather than black hat techniques if you don’t want to get banned from the aforementioned search engines. White hat techniques offer long-term solutions and results that will benefit your company.

List Building

List building is essentially the process of generating email addresses for email campaigns and online marketing strategies. Lists are very important for internet marketers, which is why it is important to give a lot of attention to your opt-in pages. You should provide an opt-in page for your customers so that you can easily inform them about new products and offers. Whenever a customer makes a purchase from you, you should encourage them to register their email address on your opt-in page otherwise you may never hear from them again. List building is a great way to build a database of loyal customers.

The larger your list, the bigger your chances for success. This is a fact that every marketer should know. Your clientele is the most important aspect of your business. Without your customers, your business will be useless. If you want to earn profit through Internet marketing, one of the most important online marketing strategies that you should focus on must involve list building. You have to know the right way to present your opt-in pages, the right placement and even the time when it should appear on the page. You cannot force people to register their email addresses on your opt-in page but you can encourage them. Make it more enticing for them by offering deals and exclusive products.