The Pitfalls of Putting Off Web Marketing

Marketing yourself on the internet these days can be challenging, especially if your business is in a competitive industry.  While it may seem like too big of a hurdle at the moment with all the other things you might be juggling, waiting or putting it off isn’t going to make it any easier down the road. In fact quite the opposite is true.

Planting a flag in the sand with SEO as soon as possible or soon after launching your website could make the whole process one thousand times easier on you and your pocketbook.   This is especially true in a local market scenario where the “devil is in the details” so to speak.

Let’s pretend you, not unlike millions of other new business owners, relocate shortly after the official launch/introduction of your business. It isn’t until approximately 1 year later, with a moment to breathe, you finally decide to get serious about your marketing strategy on the internet. This is when the rather large bomb drops upon discovering that your entire marketing budget will be spent on what you could accurately call “reverse marketing”.

It seems that some rather elementary details about your business, referred to as your NAP (Business Name, Address, and Phone Number) have proliferated to every corner of the internet and back with your former address.  Apparently a large number of directory sites have played ping pong with your inaccurate information, some of them with questionable ethics no doubt.

You’re probably thinking, who cares right? Well Google does, but don’t ask me, I’m still scratching my head on this one.  Suddenly all your marketing efforts come to a screeching halt until this clean up on aisle 3 is handled. The truth is, most of the time some clean-up is required to make each of the listings identical and accurate.

It’s usually not a question of “if”, but more a question of “how much” or “how many”.  One thing is for certain, the longer it goes UN-Addressed (no pun intended), the more insidious it becomes. You might be thinking of skipping SEO and opting for Pay-Per -Click as a way of avoiding this headache altogether– it’s a viable solution as long as you don’t mind paying for leads – FOREVER.

But don’t worry, I think I’ve found a solution to this entire problem! Consider dropping off a change of address form at the virtual post office next time?  🙁

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