Out With The Old, In With The NEW!

The value of keeping your SEO Strategy current is priceless!

To say SEO has changed significantly, would be an understatement. So many have been working on a solid SEO strategy for months upon years. Shockingly all those hours spent might be irrelevant if you are not ‘in the know’ when it comes to what has taken place with SEO Strategies.

What are these changes, you ask? Simply, EVERYTHING! ALL directions lead too Google’s algorithm search. Once upon a time, lazy search engines barely brushed upon your site looking for unique labels to determine the rank of the site for a specific keyword phrase. At first, it was the extremely simple “meta” tags that brought search spiders to your site. Then came the ‘page content’ mixed with ‘inbound links’. This model of search engine linking has been the most widely used overall. But now, search engines, and (more importantly) Google’s targeting keywords zone in on what links you are actually achieving click rates, bounce rates, page load time, unique coding, and over 500 additional markers that indicate which sites pass the Google test and which ones get lost in the “algorithm dust!”

Sadly, it’s true that some, not so awesome, out of date, SEO work ends up scarily being banned! Banned? Yes, this is an all too often, true story told by many confused entrepreneurs. So what does this really mean to you? Well my friend, If you have ever had some, less than stellar SEO work done in the last year, even two, it could end up resulting in your site being completely removed from Google’s index altogether. This is not just bad news, but downright torturous news. The difficulty in getting a site re-indexed is nearly unachievable. It may render you side vulnerable to a complete re-do altogether. And who really has time or money for that?


How do you avoid all this drama to begin with? With an SEO strategy built for a king. The key strategy is simply user engagement. We want people to buy into the ideas you have, and we want to give them something to help them do that. This is impossible for your target market to do, without the proper SEO strategy to leverage people to your site. How does SEO Experts break this down for your target to make it to your site to begin with? There are a plethora of ways that we engage your target search individual. And we do this by exhausting the questions of ‘How’. A few of the ways that we roll out the red SEO carpet are, we consider who your user is and how we can successfully lead them to you. A follow the leader of sorts. We also ask, how do we guide your user to view more than one page of your site? Do your pages utilize keywords that we have attached to you? How quickly does your site load for your viewer? Can that be optimized for a more spritely experience keeping your target market engaged longer? What about how your link profile aesthetically looks overall? Are there relevant active links to site? Are there high power links? And, how many links do you have compared to your competitors? These are merely a few key questions we ask when we are creating your SEO symphony.  However this is the methodical expertise of a proper SEO strategy resulting in the lion’s share of search target gains to you!





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