Warning! Go Mobile Responsive or Go Home

It’s not hard to notice the neon sign Google has posted that wraps around the internet with flashing lights.  In fact I’ve never seen them make such a strong statement.  Usually they throw out hints or clues that we dissect and talk about for an endless amount of time trying to figure out what signal they are using as a ranking indicator. Every now and again they throw us a bone and clear up our nagging questions with an affirmative.  The crowd hushes as we listen so carefully, hanging on to every word of their final statement so we can add it to our marketing bible.

But then there is this? This mobile responsive thing that I am quite certain at some point will elevate to an emergency broadcast and cause our TV’s to show a bunch of colorful lines. Ignoring it seems like it’s not even an option.  Are there any other options, a fallout shelter perhaps? 

The short answer is no. Not if you desire an opportunity to improve your positioning and visibility on the internet.  This is especially true if you are pouring money into that effort.  It’s time for re-evaluation.  Marketing companies with clients who have outdated sites must also re-evaluate their strategy. While they risk losing many clients who cannot afford to build a new mobile responsive site, it would be counterproductive even unethical to not at least inform their clients of the importance of having a mobile-responsive website.  

While it may be easy to blame someone – like Google, the truth is they too are in “reaction” mode.  With mobile site visits on an upward climb currently around 40% of total visits to a site, these users are expected to surpass desktop users in as little as 1 year.  If your site is not mobile responsive, the fact is, you are setting yourself up for failure. We should probably be thanking Google for being as aggressive as they are about this algorithom update. They may be saving many businesses from a slow and painful death.



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