Have You Been Scammed On the Internet By Someone You Can’t Identify?

A Personal Story and Account From Someone Who Prefers to Remain Anonymous But Understands the Importance of Informing Consumers of the Events that Occurred and How He Came to Reveal the name of Carl Williams an Extortionist Hiding Behind Bogus Services Ready To Scam any Consumer that Crosses His Path.

While the internet has provided an enormous amount of convenience and access to virtually any service or product, along with that convenience comes risk and even danger. Each time we conduct business on the internet whether it’s through product purchases or service requests we are taking a risk that few even think twice about. The kind of risk I’m talking about isn’t whether or not you’ll like the product when it arrives or even if it arrives. Nor does it have to do with providing credit card information on-line.
This risk involves your reputation, your business and your name. The same name you’ve spent years, possibly decades protecting and preserving the best you can, knowing that the success of your business relies on it. A close friend of mine who prefers to remain anonymous for security reasons wanted an opportunity to tell this story to bring awareness to consumers.

His Story Begins Here: 

In an unfortunate incident recently with a service provider, I was faced with the consequences of doing business with a less than reputable company. A company that goes by the name of Adsposter and who solicits services that claim to post your content on Craigslist, is now putting up pages across the internet calling me a thief, scammer and any other name he can drum up in an attempt to ruin my reputation.
He has taken bits of information found on me and displayed them is such a way that what is perceived is untrue. This man has gone to great lengths to tarnish my reputation over $100.00 service charge I disputed because he didn’t perform the work agreed upon. While I fully expected retaliation as a result of my disputing a charge, I had a completely different picture of what that looked like.

The abuse that followed both via email threats and defamation has been horrific. Then the most unthinkable thing happened. This individual began contacting my clients, spreading his venom and that’s when I knew it was time to get the authorities involved. Apparently I wasn’t the first person who has reported this “masked man” Several complaints had come before mine.

When most of us think about the risks associated with doing business with less than reputable companies, we naturally assume that risk to be poor service or not getting what we paid for. Rarely does something like this ever cross our minds.

Unfortunately this person has gone to great lengths to mask not only his identity but also his IP address. He technically doesn’t exist on the internet, and thus where the greatest danger lies for the consumer.

I’ve now realized how important it is to do business with others who are on the same playing field. A lesson I have learned the hard way, but nonetheless – learned. I am sharing this in hopes that others will proceed with caution when doing business on the internet.

A Continuation to Story Starts Here:

In a new twist of events the identity of the man who has made attempts to tarnish my reputation has been discovered. With a lot of hard work and determination my team and I were able to uncover his identity as well as the multiple websites, aliases, email addresses and phone numbers associated with this attacker. I have provided these details below in hopes that others out there who have been victimized can discover who is behind it and hopefully stop him from destroying years of our blood sweat and tears, our business, our livelihood, our confidence and our sanity. Be safe on the internet!

Fraudulent Internet Businesses – Owned by Carl Williams
1. AdsPoster.Net
2. Beachhouserenta.com
3. Autopostersoftware.com
4. ezadblaster.com
5. robotlike.com
6. Wealth-distrubtors.info
7. http://cl-dominator.com
8. http://bpdominator.com
9. https://www.facebook.com/bp.sender
10. www.mexicanpharmacy15mexico.co.cc
11. www.OnlinePharmacy20.co.cc (many other numbers showed up besides 20)
12. www.concepcion-agricultural.info
13. www.Boys-*******-Machines-Click-Here.tk
14. Mexican Pharmacy For ALL
15. www.Animated-Porn-Click-Here.tk
16. www.mexicanpharmacy48mexico.co.cc
17. www.internetmarketersuniversity35.co.cc
18. www.originalmediacreations.com
19. pocotaxi.com
20. economypostingservice.com
21. bpsender.com
22. zeldas.info
23. vevox.info
24. wealth-distributors.info
25. best2u.us
26. FreelanceWritersGold.com
27. zumas.info
34. castleofkink.biz

  • Stories / Web Complaints Submitted regarding Carl Williams and his internet companies (not a complete list)
  •  http://www.ripoffreport.com/r/Autorpostersoftware/internet/Autorpostersoftware-BPSendercomThey-have-many-names-and-change-their-domain-often-Big-s-1219159
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Aliases, Emails and Phone numbers used by Carl Williams in his Internet Businesses
• C. Williams
• Hiram Abiff,

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